Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another Saturday Morning in Newark NJ

Very energizing sessions this morning, as we heard from a Who's Who of large, multinational firms who have implemented CA and CM solutions. Siemens Financial Services led things off with their "Road to Continuous Assurance," as Jason Gross leads a mature CM function that was born in Internal Audit and has migrated to the CFO's office. His deck is downloadable at:

Brad Ames from HP followed with another strong presentation on using CA / CCM for assessing both IT controls and Financial Controls. @43Chase and @debreceny observed that strong IT controls help enable strong financial controls. I was focused on their use of dashboards at HP, and have asked for examples. Stay tuned.

Dave Levin of Proctor & Gamble followed with a strong session on the use of data-driven risk assessments. They compare results of Control Self Assessment and actual audit results, using outliers and differences between management's assessment (i.e. CSA) internal audit's evaluation as input into Internal Audit's risk assessment. Dave's session is available for download at this link.

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